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For over twenty years, Kenzo Tsujimoto, Kenzo Estate’s proprietor, has explored the rolling hills of his mountain estate, identifying small parcels ideal for superb grape growing. His passion is shared by the team he has assembled, including celebrated viticulturist David Abreu and world renowned winemaker Heidi Barrett, all of whom share his love for this enchanting site.

Estate Bottled

Kenzo Estate’s elegant wines are made from the highest quality grapes, all of which are grown on site. In fact, every step of the production process, from grape growing to fermentation, barrel aging to bottling, is performed on site at Kenzo Estate. In 2009, following the completion of its state of the art winemaking facility, Kenzo Estate officially became an “estate” production. Strict laws dictate that 100% of the grapes used in an estate production be grown on the estate property, and vinified there as well, and may not leave the estate during the entire process. As such, a wine recognized as being “estate bottled” truly shows the unique characteristics of its growing area or terroir.

Kenzo Estate’s Wine Portfolio

Over the past 10 years, Kenzo Estate’s wine portfolio has grown to include 7 wines, with the most recent addition being a late harvest Sauvignon blanc that we call Muku (not pictured here). Kenzo Tsujimoto recognized early on in the development of his vineyard and winery, that the sky was the limit in terms of the wines he could grow here. This is why in 2009 he decided to add a Cabernet Franc, called Asuka, as well as a Rose of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec that we call Yui, to his portfolio of red and white wines. Only Kenzo knows what may come next, but rest assured he is not done growing his brand and sharing his enthusiasm for wine growing with you.