Winemaker Heidi Barrett on 2013 Asatsuyu

“I truly enjoy drinking Asatsuyu at any time of year. On those hot summer days or even cold winter nights, Asatsuyu satisfies. And I like to get it as cold as my refrigerator will take it. The fresh citrus aromas of the 2013 Asatsuyu open up as the wine comes up to room temperature, hints of mild sweet citrus like Pomelo, or a cross between grapefruit and Thai lime, permeate the air and greet you before you even pick up the glass. This crisp and refreshing wine showcases the cool climate of the estate magnificiently.”

Current Events

We are very proud to be a part of Auction Napa Valley, the annual fundraiser to enhance the well-being of Napa County schools and hospitals. Read more.

2011 Vintage Notes 

The 2011 growing season was the wine growing version of a perfect storm. Heavy rain, cool temperatures and more made 2011 the most challenging harvest on record. Nevertheless, with a deft winemaking touch, the longer hang times and lower sugars produced wines with finesse and elegance suitable for all occasions.