Visiting the Winery

We invite you to visit the winery for a tasting and pairing with signature Bouchon plates (seasonal).


Kenzo Estate is now offering exclusive and intimate events.

Tasting Menu

Several tasting options are offered, including pairings with dishes prepared by Bouchon.


Located east of downtown Napa and a 15 minute drive up Monticello Road from the valley.


a natural and pristine napa oasis

To schedule a private tour please call 707.254.7572. A visit to Kenzo Estate begins with greetings upon entrance and a toast with a glass of Asatsuyu Sauvignon Blanc. Walking a short path to the winery and through the fermentation buildings, you will be guided by our hosts and presented an overview of the winemaking methods employed by Kenzo Estate to achieve the quality of wine pursued. Return to the lounge or patio for a seated tasting of the three red wines, Rindo, Murasaki and Ai. And if you have reserved a pairing, signature dishes from Bouchon will be served for you to enjoy an extended relaxed visit. Please note that minors and pets are not permitted on the property. Thank You.